2024-2025 Tuition

$4,000    Kindergarten
$5,000    Grade 1
$6,300    Grades 2-5
$6,500    Grades 6-8
$8,000    High School

Multi-Child Tuition Discount

10% 3rd child discount
30% 4th child and up discount
Multi-Child Discounts apply only to tuition (not registration) and are applied to the lowest grade first.

NEW Family Discount

A $500/per child discount is available to families new to VCA (Grades 2 and up).

*Please Note: Maximum discount allowable is 50% off tuition (not including registration). 

Registration Fees

$ 500 Registration Fee for 1st & 2nd child
$ 400 Registration Fee for 3rd child
$ 0 Registration Fee for 4th child & up
Registration Fees are non-refundable

Referral Program

Over the years Victory has advertised and promoted in a variety of ways, such as radio, newspaper, flyers, open houses, and so on. But BY FAR the most effective form of advertising has always been by word of mouth from our school families. Hopefully you look for opportunities to share the good things that are going on at Victory with others.

To encourage sharing, VCA instituted the Victory Referral Program. The program details are simple:

  • Tell others about Victory … family, friends, coworkers. Encourage any Christian families you know whose kids could benefit from a Christian education to check out Victory!
  • Have them call VCA, browse the school’s website, and even schedule a personal tour.
  • If a family you refer applies and is scheduled for an interview, have them indicate that they heard about Victory from YOU!
  • REFER 3, GET 1 FREE. For EVERY THREE students who are enrolled at VCA based on your referral, you will receive FREE TUITION FOR ONE STUDENT for the next school year (Registration fees will still be required). The three students can come from three separate families, or all from the same family.

Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to tell others about Victory and get FREE TUITION for your child!