The News

Victory Christian Academy has purchased a school building (802 Kinswood Lane, 63129) on approximately four acres in South St. Louis County, marking the first time in our 46 year history that Victory will own its own building and property! This opportunity is an enormous blessing from God and represents an answer to years of prayer and seeking for a place that VCA can plant, build, and grow with permanency and consistency for our families, teachers and staff.

As a discipleship school we partner with families to achieve these lofty goals set forth to us in Scripture (Proverbs 22:6) and we are asking you to partner with us to help achieve this vision together.

The Building

The new VCA building is situated on 3.88 acres along the south side of Hwy 255, situated between Lemay Ferry and Telegraph Roads. It was originally built as a school in 1963, and later expanded to accommodate a church. It is now going to be a school once again!