Financial Aid

Investing in Christian Education

There are a number of options for your child’s education, and some that are little or no cost. Choosing Christian education for your child is a financial commitment, and requires sacrifice. For some families it can create a legitimate financial hardship. Realizing this, the VCA board designates a portion of the annual budget to provide tuition assistance to qualifying families that are committed to providing Christian education for their children. While the board would love to provide assistance to all families, these funds are limited and must be allocated very carefully and where the need is greatest, so families are asked to consider applying for financial assistance only when there is a legitimate need.

Before applying for assistance, you will be asked to first pursue the following options:

  1. Talk with extended family. Many times grandparents have come along side and contributed to help pay for the expense at VCA.
  2. Ask your local church. Churches often times have funds set aside for ministries like VCA, but they don’t know of the need unless they are told. Consider having this conversation when getting your pastoral letter.
  3. The VCA Referral Program. This is a great opportunity you can take advantage of that can provide reduced or even FREE tuition.

In order to apply for and be considered for tuition assistance:

Simply requesting aid does not guarantee you will receive assistance, but does provide you with the best chance of receiving assistance if you qualify.

To apply, complete your application online through our third-party assessment firm, FACTS, at A fee is charged by FACTS for their services, and is payable to FACTS at the time of application submission.

Once the online applications and independent evaluation by FACTS have been reviewed by the board, families will be invited to a board interview process to discuss their application.

Approval of any financial assistance will be conditional upon the family participating in fundraising and/or volunteering opportunities. Fundraising commitments may include but are not limited to: Trivia Night, Choir Auction Dinner, and other school events. Volunteering commitments may include: weekly janitorial shifts, cleaning days, tutoring, and substitute teaching.

A family’s failure to participate in these opportunities to contribute could result in a possible reduction in financial assistance and/ or forfeiture of future consideration.