Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The mission of VCA, in partnership with Christian parents, is to provide a loving, Christ-centered environment of educational excellence so that our children may develop their gifts, knowledge, skills and energies to become servant leaders for the Kingdom of God. (Deut. 6:7-8, Prov. 9:10, Eph. 6:4, Matt. 22:37)

Vision Statement

We envision a Christ-centered, biblically-based, discipleship school where students from Christian families will:

  • Learn that Jesus Christ is to be honored in all things and is the source of all truth and the foundation for all decisions;
  • Stand out as leaders among their peers;
  • Be able to defend their faith;
  • Be equipped to excel as they pursue higher education and a life of Christian service;
  • Be encouraged as they develop spiritually, intellectually, physically, morally and socially;
  • Have an affordable, first-rate education experience in a community of fellow believers.

Victory Christian Academy seeks to provide an education experience that is fully Bible-centered. We believe that the Lord would have us bring His Word into every aspect of our children’s instruction so that in His will our children will not be conformed to this world but transformed continually through the power of that truth.

As a discipleship school, Victory Christian Academy’s purpose is to minister to Christian families by training its students with the finest Christian curricula available through dedicated, Godly teachers. Our families come to Victory Christian Academy from a wide variety of local churches and denominations.