5th Grade

5th GradeMrs. Melissa Raney

One of the goals in our current 5th grade classroom is to build skills that will be beneficial to the next step of transitioning into a middle school setting. Some important areas of emphasis include responsibility, note-taking, writing skills, research skills, and study skills.

Subject Descriptions:


  • Learning English measurements and converting from one measure to another
  • Multiplying with two- and three-digit factors
  • Working with fractions and decimals
  • Two and three-digit divisors
  • Story problems (reasoning and solving strategies)
  • Introduction to basic algebra concepts and basic geometry formulas (area and perimeter)


  • Building Christian principles discovered through Biblical events
  • Quizzes are scheduled once a week
  • Bible verse memorization is given once a week for a grade


  • Old World (Eastern Hemisphere) history and current countries as well
  • Students complete a “Nation’s Notebook” about a nation of their choice that focuses on that nation’s culture, history, traditions, geography, and other information 
  • World Geography and map reading skills are addressed


  • Learning mastery skills for the English language
  • Eight parts of speech
  • Subjects and predicates – subject/verb agreement
  • Compounds sentences, subjects, verbs, adjectives
  • Four sentence types and punctuation
  • Writing good sentences, paragraphs, book reports
  • Writing a research report (biography report) with all components included (research notes, notecards, rough drafts, revising and editing, proofreading, final copy with cover sheet
  • Diagramming sentences
  • Punctuation and capitalization rules


  • Wordly-Wise Workbook with weekly list of 15 spelling/ vocabulary words
  • Students must learn to spell words correctly and use the meanings 
  • Students are taught about patterns in language/vocabulary words/spelling   
  • Spelling Test and Vocabulary Tests once a week


  • Learning about God’s world from a Christian perspective
  • Doing hands-on experiments and demonstrations
  • Topics covered:  Earth (rocks and minerals), Fossils and Dinosaurs, Climate, Weather, Biomes and Ecosystems, Sound and Light as Energy, Body Systems (respiratory and circulatory)

Curriculum and Publishers:

  • Bible – Winning the Race (Positive Action for Christ)
  • History – Old World History and Geography (A Beka)
  • Language – God’s Gift of Language B (A Beka)
  • Science – Science 5 (BJU Press)
  • Spelling/Vocabulary – Wordly Wise Book 5 (Educators Publishing Service)
  • Math – Arithmetic 5 (A Beka)